English-medium Programs and International Education

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Jinan University (JNU) is one of the China’s oldest universities and a symbol of the cultural rebirth of the overseas Chinese in its ancestral homeland. Founded in 1906, this century old university has become a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, as well as a scientific center of international repute. The establishment of International School (IS) was based on the guiding policy of providing higher educational needs of overseas Chinese and foreigners from various parts of the world.

The School has become an international arena, a magnet that attracts students from around the world. They converge here to find intellectual challenge and cultural activity.
Student Activities:
• JNU SIFE (Students in Free Enterprises) since 2004
• English Evening since 2001
• Chinese Corner since 2001
• International Cup (Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Dodge Ball)
• International Pioneer (English magazine) since 2001

All of our courses are taught in English and provide a truly international classroom and learning environment. The number of English-medium programs has increased from the initial two to nine, and the student population has reached approximately 1614 from 74 countries or regions in 2011, compared with an initial student intake of 64 from 9 countries or regions. IS alumni can now be found studying or contributing to communities in all corners of the world. The number of teachers with qualification certificates in lecturing in English has now reached 223, and there are over 400 faculty members involved in teaching academic courses in English. We encourage students to pursue intellectual themes and acquire analytical skills that transcend a single academic field. Our programs are broad and interdisciplinary but they also allow the students to specialize in topics of their choice. We take pride in providing education in its broadest sense; we help students to develop professionally and at the personal level.
Our majors:
• International Economics & Trade (IET): 4-year Undergraduate Program
• Certified General Accountants – Canada (CGA): 4-year Undergraduate Program
• Finance (FIN): 4-year Undergraduate Program
• Clinical Medicine and MBBS (CM): 6-year Undergraduate Program
• Food Quality & Safety (FQS): 4-year Undergraduate Program
• Pharmacy (PHA): 4-year Undergraduate Program
• Public Administration (PA): 4-year Undergraduate Program
• Computer Science & Technology (CST): 4-year Undergraduate Program
Thanks to international network, our students live in a unique multiethnic environment that provides them with an international source of contacts, invaluable in this era of globalization.

Thanks to agreements between IS of Jinan University and numerous institutions in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, our students can also pursue their studies abroad in student exchange programs.
International Programs:
• Master Program at University of Glasgow (UG)
• Master Program of University of Cincinnati (UC)
• Exchange Student Program of University of Cincinnati (UC)
• Summer Business Program of University of British Columbia (UBC)
• Winter Language and Culture Study Program of University of Queensland (UQ)
• Summer Finance Program of University of Cincinnati (UC)

In near future, we strive to achieve a vibrant and well-resourced learning environment which has aligned our student profile with our strategic direction. Physical infrastructure and technical support will be our learning and teaching priorities along with the wonderful Chinese culture in the days to come.
Website: http://ischool.jnu.edu.cn
Weibo: http://weibo.com/ischooljnu