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The Fifth “Jinan Star” and “Aggressive Star” Defense Meeting of “5A Excellent Leading Program” of Jinan University
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    On December 1, 2016, the fifth “Jinan Star” and “Aggressive Star” Defense Meeting of the Outstanding Student Incentive Project, “5A Excellent Leading Program” of Jinan University was host by International School Student Congress and the Student Affairs Division, progressing respectively in the Academic Report Hall in Jinan University. Leaders and teachers from different divisions and colleges of Jinan attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of International School , Liu Ming,teacher of Student Affair in International School, Liu Qian, Chen Hai also attended the meeting and encouraged candidates of International School. In the defense meeting, each candidate from International School, Zhang Qiaobo, Lin Yanzhu, Zhang Jinrong were fabulous in various ways. By the passionate and positive defenses of contestants , the defense meeting was successfully progressing.


   Firstly, the defense meeting of “Jinan Star” was held in the afternoon. Teachers incharge of the judgement were Director of Student Affairs Office, Ou Xiang Li, Retiring Party Committee Secretary, Zhu Jiaming, Director of Mental Health Education Center, Zhang Jiangxing, Deputy Director of News Center, Chen Wenju, Deputy Director of international Communication and Cooperation Department Wang Yu, Deputy Director of Student Affairs Office, Li Yuping. 
   Just as brilliant as Zhan Qiaobo, Lin Yazhu had got the nation's scholarship, the second place in Guangdong's Dragon Dance competition, Outstanding Student Scholatship, Outstanding Student Leader Scholarship, Outstanding member of China Communist Youth League, and Outstanding head of the Student Union awards. She had also published four SCI essays as the joint forst author.
    Zhang Qiaobo got nation's scholarship, "Top Ten Youth Communist Members" of Jinan University, "Star of Learning" Pacesetter prize of the third Outstanding Student Incentive Program in Jinan University. Besides from studying, she also attended competitions outside from school to earn an honor for the school aggressively. She attends the seventh International English Channel TV Competition and Decathlon Famous College Selection Contest and gets the first class prize in Guangdong competition zone. Standing on the defense stage of "5A Student Incentive Program" for the second time, she showed her thanks to all the teachers who have taught her with much patience, to the university which gives her many opportunities to try and develop. Her brilliant and sincere words moved the teachers and audiences in the scene.
    At 6:30, the defense meeting of “Aggressive Star” began. Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Pu Ruoqian, Deputy Secretary of Organ Party Committee, Lin Jianhe, Deputy Party Secretary of CPC, Liu Jinshun, Deputy Director of the Office of the Party and Government, Xia Xi, Deputy Director of the Department of United Front Work Department, Secretary of Statistics Department of the School of Economics, Liu Xiangdong, and representatives of the teachers of the College were the judges.
    Competition for "Aggression Star" of the candidates are equally brilliant reply, impressive. Zhang Jinrong, student from the International  School, experienced a freshman sophomore confusion after the stage, study hard, improved 0.83 points of his GPA, which was a successful counterattack. While studying seriously, he also participated in the eighth Chinese students dance dragon dance Lion Tournament and won the championship. He also led the team won the second place of "teaching five people Dragon" in the Ninth National Dragon Dance Lion Dance Championships. His continuous fighting spirit of enterprising inspire the audience and the teachers and they invariably gave a round of applause.


    The outstanding students were not only contestants of the wonderful display, also the spirit of the Jinan heritage and carry forward. They show the amount of Jinan students to study hard, courageously first, the pursuit of excellence, multi-faceted development of excellent quality. Four words motto of Jinan has been fully demonstrated. Outstanding students are enterprising, and they will always shine Jinan, like stars. Wish all the outstanding students can continue to brave and fearless to the future, but also to the broad masses of students to follow their example, proactive, glory for his alma mater!

   What's more, thank you all the representatives of JNUISSC. Your hard working made this meeting smooth.  Let's keep going on the way of testifying superiority!


Writer| Liu Zi Yi, Huang Pin, Lin Jun Xuan
Photographer| Cao Zheng Fei, Huang Pin
Revised| Long Zi Ling, Zhang He, Wang Sheng Hao
Editor| Almitra Lee


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