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School Song Competition|A Higher Level for International School
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 On October 23, 2016, the school song competition was held in the auditorium of main campus. Leaders and teachers from every school attended this event. Besides enthusiastic students of International School, Party Secretary of International School, Mr.Deng Yongzhong, teachers of International School, Ms. Sun Qiyun, Mr. He Dongfeng, Mr. Chen Hai also participated in the singing of the school song competition.



Every school showed their high spirits to audiences with their graceful dances and the passionate singing.International School was the ninth to perform. Our students went to the stage one by one. Suddenly, a big shining light card lighted up, which represents the majors of International School, and seven cool guys rushed to the stage with flashing lights winding around their special clothes, which were made by members of CRD. They performed a fantastic electron - optical dance, winning the cheers of all the audiences.




After the wonderful dance, the lights of the hall light up. Passionate singing resounded through the hall. Everyone was fully engaged in singing. In the meantime, the special dragon of International School danced on the stage, attracting the attention of every audience.




At the end of the performance, our performers bowed to audiences politely and left the stage orderly.



Finally, International School won the second prize in this competition. Congratulations! Besides the awards, everyone enjoyed themselves and won the friendship with their partners. This competition will definitely become a great part of their precious memory in JNU.



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