Enactus China paid a visit
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 On July 3, the Enactus China president Norwell Coquillard, together with Enactus China campus cooperation manager Zhang Ziyan paid a visit to Jinan University, and the university President Hu Jun warmly welcomed them with team members of JNU Enactus. Professor Deng, Yongzhong, Vice Dean of International School and  and Ms. Liu Qian, faculty advisor participated the meeting. 


 During the meeting, Hu Jun introduced the basic situation of the school.  

Mr. Coquillard expressed his congratulation to JNU Enactus on winning the champion, especially the project “Green Conversion”, and they exchanged presents latter.

After the meeting, Mr. Coquillard visited the University Museum and the International School and learnt about the development of the University as well as the School from Professor Deng.

 JNU Enactus was established in 2005 in the International School. Under the strong support of school leaders, staffs and relevant departments, JNU Enactus eventually won the champion in 2015. 

Written by Grace Wei

Edited by Susan Liu

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