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Computer Graphics
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Computer Graphics

Objectives and Requirements

This course aims at introducing the concepts and algorithms of 2D/3D computer graphics and the applications of computer graphics technologies.  The main objective is to expose students to current graphics technologies and how they are applied to various domains.
Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1.       identify the motivation and the main characteristics of the basic techniques in computer graphics;
2.       design and develop simple graphics algorithms;
3.       evaluate different types of graphics systems;
4.       apply computer graphics techniques to real-world applications
2D2D graphics; 2D transformations.; 2D projection.  3D graphics; 3D transformations; 3D projection; Clipping; Object modeling; Rendering Pipeline;  Ray-tracing;  Radiosity;  Aliasing; Spatial aliasing; Temporal aliasing; Anti-aliasing; Image processing. 

Credits: 3
Prerequisite Course(s): Data structures and Object-Oriented Programming Methodology

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