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Experiments in Physical Chemistry
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Through experimental phenomena observed and measured experimental data analysis, making students preliminary understanding of the physical chemistry research methods, through chemical phenomena, understanding of the nature of chemical reactions and laws in-depth.
To enable students to master the basic physical chemical experimental technology and skills, and learn important physical chemical properties determination. To be familiar with the experimental phenomena observed and recorded, and experimental conditions in judgment and choice, the experimental measurement and data handling, experimental results analyzed and summarized as a set of rigorous experimental methods, so as to enhance the physical chemistry understanding of the basic theory, enhance application of physical chemistry experiment skills to solve practical problems of capacity. Through integrated, design experiments and train the students to access literature, experimental design and error analysis, training students to analyze and solve problems and the spirit of innovation and teamwork spirit.


Complete 9 experiments which experiments are included the basic principles and important experimental methods as well as techniques of thermodynamics, equilibrium, electrochemical, dynamics, superficial and colloidal.

Credit(s): 1

Prerequisite Course(s): Inorganic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Organic chemistry

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