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Finance 2
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Objectives and Requirements:

Finance 2 is the second of two courses in finance in the CGA program of professional studies. It is a PACE level course that focuses on topics of particular importance to a financial manager making corporate financing decisions.

Finance 2 is designed to assist students in developing professional competence and skills to:

·  plan, acquire, and control the use of funds so as to meet the goals of an organization and maximize its value

·  identify a organization's financial objectives so as to improve its performance

·  determine whether an organization's financial objectives are being effectively achieved

·  design risk mitigation strategies

·  develop and modify business cases and financial plans for the future


Basic Concepts, Capital Budgeting Under Uncertainty, Long-term Sources of Funds, Capital Structure, Dividend Policy, Special Financing and Investment Decisions, Treasury Risk Management, Futures and Forwards, Options and Swaps and Financial Planning.

Credits: 3

Prerequisite Course(s): Finance 1

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