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Assets Valuation
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This course mainly elaborates the basic theories and methods of asset appraisal. The course makes student understand basic theories, basic method and various operation procedures of asset appraisal, preparing students well for Chinese market economy system.


  • On the premise of theory teaching, the basic theories, basic methods of asset appraisal and its various application in different business should be the focus, requiring students' deep comprehension and skillful expertise.
  • Establishing the close link between theories and practice; introducing basic concepts and methods of asset appraisal step by step; in use of cases, reinforcing students' abilities of problem analysis and solving.
  • homework is the key for learning the course well; students are required to prepare and illustrate the cases.


Introduction, Basic Theories of Asset Appraisal, Methods of Asset Appraisal, Asset Appraisal Procedures, Appraisal of Real Estates, Appraisal of Machinery Equipments, Appraisal of Intangible Assets, Appraisal of Corporate Value, Asset Appraisal Report and Control and Management of the Acceptance Risk of Asset Appraisal.

Credits: 2

Prerequisite Course(s): Accouting

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