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International Trade in Service
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Objectives and Reqiurement:

Based on the basic concepts and theories explanation of the international trade in services, enable students to master the basic knowledge of international service trade and understanding of the international agreement on trade in services and rules, grasps various service industries and the development of future trends, knowing how to use the relevant knowledge to analyze and solve the real problems in the services trade issues.

Basic requirement: grasp the basic concepts and basic theory; understanding of the international agreement on trade in services and international services trade policies; master the international services in different industries and the development of the latest developments. Under the direction of their professional choices, familiar some categories of international trade in services industries in the form and content, laying a solid foundation to the future job.
Main contents included: basic concepts and basic theories of international trade in services, the development of the theory of trade in services, foreign direct investment in the services sector and multinational corporations, international service trade policy, WTO and the General Agreement on Trade in Services, International trade in services industries outlined, China's service trade policies and development strategies.

Credits: 2

Prerequisite Course: International Trade

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