The Provisional Regulations on Gymnasium and Sports Ground Management of Jinan University
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1.      Gymnasium and sports ground are places for student physical education, training, and competition and mass sports activities. Admission will be refused to non-University persons and others without authorized permission.

2.      University students can borrow sports equipments by presenting a valid student ID card and carry out physical training within the permitted area. Borrowed sports equipments should be returned on the date due and in conformity with relevant requirement. School/College, department and university organization concerned shall go through application procedures for approval in case of using gymnasium or sports ground.

3.      The gymnasium and sports ground are open on a fixed time. Admittance by ticket only. It is strictly prohibited to enter gymnasium and sport ground by ascending wall, climbing nets or railings etc.

4.      Those who participate in sports activities shall take care of themselves and wear suitable sports wear and shoes in the light of the sport activity concerned.

5.      All those who do sports exercises within the gymnasium and sports ground shall observe public order and social morality. In case of sports competitions, participants should respect rival players, teams and spectators and conscientiously abide by relevant rules and regulations. Disturbance and scuffle will not be tolerated.

6.      Sports equipments and facilities shall be used with care and consideration and cannot be damaged or moved without permission. It is not allowed to play football or roller-skating within volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. No motor-driven vehicles will be allowed to run inside the gymnasium and sports ground. Violators who cause damage to sports facilities will be affixed responsibility and punished in accordance with the seriousness of the case.

7.      The gymnasium and sports ground shall be kept clean. Spiting and littering are strictly prohibited.

8.      Substantial measures shall be taken to ensure the fire prevention work. Managerial personnel should inspect gym and sports ground security facilities on a regular basis and should be familiar with the use of fire prevention equipments.

9.      All users must conscientiously obey instructions of the working personnel of gymnasium and sports ground. They should seek help from the working personnel in case of trouble.

10.  Violators who fail or refuse to abide by the present regulations will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations of gymnasium and sport ground management. Those with serious cases will be sent to the University Security Section for further treatment.



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