The Provisional Regulations on Student Safety Education and Security Management of Jinan University (trial)
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Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 With a view to enhancing campus management, maintaining normal teaching, studying and living orders, safeguarding students’ personal and property safety and promoting students’ sound development of physical and psychological well-being, the present Regulations are hereby formulated in accordance with “the Provisional Regulations on Safety Education and Security Management of College and University Students” (Doc No. 7 [92] of the National Education Committee).

Article 2 The main tasks of student safety education and security management work of Jinan University include the publicizing and implementation of state policies, laws and regulations on security management, students safety education and security management, treatment of security emergencies and sound development of students physical and psychological well-being.

Article 3 Student safety education and security management work should stress on prevention and be carried out with a practical and realistic work style and in line with the principle of “protecting student” with priority laid on safety education and responsibility clearly defined to incorporate safety education, security management and emergency treatment.

Article 4 The “student” mentioned in the present Regulations refers to full-time students who have acquired student status of Jinan University.


Chapter 2 Safety Education

Article 5 University leaders and cadres at all levels should list student safety education into agenda as a regular work and strengthen their leadership. University units and mass organizations concerned shall work in coordination and take positive measures to publicize safety and security information, enhance students’ safety and law-abiding awareness and make them better prepared for emergencies.

Article 6 Safety and security education should be conducted in the light of students’ specialties and aptitude throughout their studying and living from the enrollment to graduation, in particular the time before holidays and vacations. It is necessary to make the best use of accidents to reinforce safety education and make students better prepared for emergencies. All units shall carry out regular and systematic education on preventions against fire and medical emergencies, theft and other criminal incidents on the grounds of environment, season and relevant objective laws of other kinds.

Article 7 Student safety educations should be conducted with emphasis laid on psychological guidance and ideological work to help students to improve their psychological well-being and overcome mental problems.

Chapter 3 Security Management

Article 8 Student security management shall be reinforced with stress on prevention and security rules and regulations should be established and improved. Safety education and security management shall be listed as a responsible task and for university officials and cadres at all levels to ensure a substantial implementation. A university official is responsible for university safety and security administration and a leading official will be in charge of security work of each School/College or department.

Article 9 The University Security Comprehensive Management Committee is the competent department of student safety education and security management with its office as the executive organ. All competent departments should share out the work and cooperate with one another in the organization and implementation of safety education and security management.

Article 10 Faculty and staff members shall enhance their safety awareness, fulfill their duty, and improve campus conditions to ensure a better protection of student’s personal and property safety.

Article 11 In the event when accidents occur or students seek personal and property protection, all units shall report to the University immediately and the competent departments shall take prompt and effective measures.

Article 12 Students shall strictly abide by the laws of the PRC and university rules and regulations to take good care of their own personal and property safety for the prevention of accidents.

Article 13 Students should carry out their study and daily activities in conformity with disciplines, rules and instructions. In public places, students shall observe social morals and enhance their safety awareness and protection capacity.

Article 14 No after-class activities will be allowed to organize on campus without authorized permission from the School/College concerned. Off-campus after-class activities are permitted only with the approval of the university authorities and should be conducted in strict conformity with university rules and regulations. The University and School/College concerned examine and investigate carefully student’s application for after-class activity. Submissions that fail to meet the requirement cannot be approved.   

Article 15 Students should abide by dormitory management regulations and play a positive role in maintaining a safe and clean residence area to enhance the management capability of their own.

Article 16 Witnesses of criminal incidents, traffic accidents or other emergencies should keep intact the scene of crime or accident, report immediately to the University Security Section and provide necessary help. The University Security Section and other departments or units concerned shall take prompt measures to handle and control the situation within their duty to minimize loss and damage.

Chapter 4 Emergency Treatment

Chapter 17 In case of a general loss or damage to student’s personal and property safety, the University shall take effective measures to investigate and handle the case and criticize or order the party liable for the fault to compensate for the loss or damage or impose relevant administrative and disciplinary measures in the light of the seriousness of case. In case of theft, arson and other serious emergency cases that cause student’ death, casualty and severe property loss or damage, the University shall take prompt and effective measures to save student’s life and property, keep intact the scene of emergency and, in the meantime, deal with arising problems to stabilize the victims’ mental state, maintain and restore campus orders and handle the case properly in coordination with local departments concerned.

Article 18 The University shall report immediately the liable party, who is judged to be responsible for crime after initial investigation, to public security organs and help with further investigations. In case of serious accidents, relevant University officials and cadres shall participate in investigation in person, examine carefully the case report and take prompt necessary measures.

Article 19 In the event when searching a suspect student’s residence place is considered necessary for handling a security emergency, the University must apply to public security organs in advance for approval and carry out the work in accordance with relevant legal provisions. Emergency investigation and treatment must be based on facts and strictly in conformity with the laws of the PRC. Extort or trap a person into a confession are prohibited.

Article 20 Units concerned shall report serious emergency incidents immediately to the University. The University shall report the case to relevant departments at the provincial level within 24 hours and inform the victim’s parents without delay. A written report shall be submitted to competent departments concerned within one week after the emergency treatment is concluded.

Article 21 The University and units concerned that responsible for student’s death, severe injury or deformity during their studying, training and daily activities shall assume the due responsibility and deal with the case and arising problems in a proper and responsible way. The University regrets that it will not be responsible for accidents due to student’s refusal or failure to obey instructions or violations of relevant disciplines, rules and regulations during their studying, training and daily activities. 

Article 22 In case of severe loss or damage to student’s personal and property safety as the result of negligence of duty, violation of safety rules and regulations, inappropriate or irresponsible management, and any other fraud practices bending the law for personal benefit, the University will, in accordance with the concrete case, order the responsible party to make a self-criticism, compensate for the loss, or impose administrative sanction and even affix the responsibility for a crime in accordance with laws. 

Article 23 The University will not be responsible for accidents as the result of student’s unauthorized absence from the school. As to students who leave school without permission and whose whereabouts are unknown to the University authorities, report the case to the University and local public security organ and inform the student’s parents immediately. Students who are absent from school for over half a month without reasonable explanations will be reported in written by their School/College and be removed from the enrollment list with the approval of the University as automatic quitting school, of which the treatment will be publicly announced.

Article 24 The University will not be responsible for accidents which occur during vacations or the period when students have concluded school-leaving procedures.

Article 25 As to accidents which occur during students’ normal living on campus and off-campus activities authorized by the University due to unforeseen factors or unavoidable natural disasters, the University will handle the case in the light of the concrete situation.

Article 26 The University, when available, will handle personal insurance for students in a unified way. The insurance fees shall be paid by the students themselves upon their entrance.

Article 27 Students who are diagnosed mental disease and epilepsy by hospitals designated by the University shall discontinue schooling and leave the university accompanied by their guardians. No deliberately provocative disturbance of the campus life and order by the student and his/her guardian(s) is tolerated.

Article 28 Students that are injured or disabled due to accidents can continue schooling provided that their health condition become stable or improved after medical treatment and are judged by the University capable of taking care of his/her own studying and daily activities. Injured or disabled students who cannot provide for themselves should leave school and be granted a certificate of attendance, in the light of the actual studying time, and economic aid once and for all in accordance with the seriousness of the case and the degree of injury and disability. They should return to the place where their guardians reside. Local civil administrative organ and other departments concerned should help with the acceptance work and local labor department should settle their work in accordance with relevant regulations on working and employment of the disabled. Students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese students shall go back to their original place of residence and be responsible for their own jobs.

Article 29 The University will not be responsible for the funeral expense of students who die of certain diseases or from other accidents that are not held to be the University’s responsibility. The University can nevertheless, in accordance with the concrete case, provide economic aid to the victim whose family is poor.

Article 30 The University or other units concerned will be responsible for the funeral expense of students whose death shall not be ascribed to themselves in accordance with relevant state regulations on funeral management of institution staff members. The University has the right to provide, once and for all, the victim with economic aid of which the sum shall generally not exceed the average scholarship standard of the schooling years (four years) stipulated by the state. In the event of the accident for which units or individuals other than the University are held to be responsible, the University will provide no more economic aid.

Article 31 Students who die or become disabled due to protection of state property and personal safety of other individuals will be reported by the University to the People’s Government of Guangdong Province for a honorary title and granted due treatments.

Article 32 Those who are not satisfied with the treatment can appeal to the University or higher authorities or bring civil lawsuits to the People’s Court in accordance with the laws of the PRC.

Chapter 5 Supplementary Provisions

Article 33 For treatment of accidents and emergencies of postgraduate, please refer to the present Regulations.

Article 34 The present Regulations are implemented on trial in coordination with relevant provisions of the Student Handbook of Jinan University and “the Regulations on College and University Student Management”, “the Regulations on College and University Campus Order Management” promulgated by the National Education Committee.

Article 35 The present Regulations are explained by the University and comes prior in case of discrepancy between former relevant regulations and the Regulations.

Article 36 The present Regulations shall come into effect on trial implementation since the day it is promulgated.


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