The Regulations on Excellent Student Training of Jinan University (Trial)
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It is imperative to teach students in view of the general and specific character of their intellectual structure as well as their aptitude to ensure that students of various kinds will achieve progress on their original competence level, and in particular, to create favorable conditions and adopt specific education measures for students with greater potentiality and talents to cultivate them into high-quality professional manpower with a creative mind and pioneering spirit in their future careers. The present regulations are formulated hereinwith.

1.      Objects of Training

Students in Grade 2 or higher grades with outstanding performances in morality and ethics, intelligence, sports or esthetics will be selected as the object of training provided that their average credit points have reached 3.8 or above in case of students of science, engineering and medical science or 4.0 or above in case of students of arts, economics, management, they are physically healthy, strong in independent thinking, self-teaching and scientific research and they have high Chinese and English proficiency or special talents in a certain discipline. The quota of excellent student for each department is approximately 1% and shall not exceed 1.5% of the total. Students shall submit applications in person or be recommended by their tutor or the teacher in charge of their class, and checked and approved by the Dean concerned and reported to the Office of Teaching Affairs for approval.

2.      Measures of Training

1)      Each academic department will invite or hire senior teachers or educators of high attainments to guide excellent students in their studies and tailor a special training plan for excellent students, which can surpass the syllabus within appropriate limits. The training plan shall be formulated by both the guiding teachers and student concerned, checked and approved by the responsible Dean, and reported to the Office of Teaching Affairs for approval.

2)      Excellent students will be granted with reference material subsidy every semester.

3)      Excellent students will be rewarded with Excellent Student Scholarship, the sum of which is higher than the First-grade Scholarship and set by the Office of Teaching Affairs and is covered in the university scholarship expenditure.

4)      Excellent students can receive an Excellent Student Library Card in the library, which confer them the same loan privilege as that of a teacher. Teacher’s Reading Rooms of all Schools/Colleges/Departments are open to their excellent students.

5)      Excellent students of science, engineering and medical science can take precedence in using laboratories and computers. Excellent students of social science enjoy priority in using practice funds stipulated in “the Excellent Student Training Plan”.

6)      Excellent students can draw up a scientific research program by themselves (the self-made program is subject to the check and approval of the competent department of scientific research) and carry out the specific research under the guidance of their tutor. They can also choose to participate in their tutor’s research program and use sophisticated apparatus with the approval and guidance of their tutor.

3.      Assessment and Reward

1)      Excellent students will receive a comprehensive assessment carried out by their academic department at the end of each semester and a general evaluation of morality and work at the end of each school year.

2)      An excellent student scientific report meeting shall be held in each department every school year and the excellent students shall report the progress of their study and scientific research work. An academic evaluation group will be established in each department to evaluate the report.

3)      Excellent students with outstanding academic results will be granted “the Prize of Outstanding Achievement” and their academic results will be recommended to publicize in the University Newspaper or other relevant periodicals.

4)      The name list of excellent students will be modified once every school year in accordance with the assessment results. Those who are punished due to their violation of state laws or university disciplines or whose average credit points are below 3.6 will be deprived of the qualification of excellent student.

4.      Benefits of Tutor

1)     The amount of work of the tutorial of one excellent student will be counted as that of one postgraduate.

2)     Tutors will be rewarded by the University and the department concerned in case their students have made outstanding achievements, which will also be considered in the evaluation of professional ranks and titles.


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